Advanced Universal Application

Universal application

The key part of the solution that integrates a refined and ergonomic User Interface to dive into TV content, be it linear or on-demand.

The app fully replaces the remote control by providing much more visual navigation to directly choose and interact with content while it is displayed on the TV set. It also provides easier access to STB setup, settings, troubleshooting and quality checks.

In essence, this is tomorrow’s remote control.

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Advanced and personalised navigation
One interface for linear and streaming
Multi-criteria search functions
Advanced and detailed EPG
Cast content from third-party apps

  • Personalised navigation

    According to user’s preferences and habits, the app will display the relevant content in a personalised navigation.

  • Linear and streaming

    Linear TV and streaming content are both available within the same interface

  • Multi-criteria search functions

    Multi-criteria search functions available, but also selection by genre.

  • Advanced and detailed EPG

    Advanced and detailed EPG, details, linked to bookmark and record function.

  • Cast content from partner's content platform

    Integration of video content partner.

  • Cast content from online services

    Casting from online services.

Zap & Select

Unique simplified zapping
Trailers, ratings and summaries available
Easy bookmarks management
Record & download on HDD available remotely
Playlist building/suggestion

  • Select...

    No need to zapp for knowing the next program or next video on user’s play list, just watch on his mobile.

  • .. and zap

    And press play to zapp.

    If online, just turn the phone and start watching on the phone before zapping on TV.

  • Control even if the phone is locked

    Even if user’s phone is locked, he can control the STB, live or VOD.

  • Trailers, ratings and summaries available

    Trailers, ratings and summaries available.

    At any time, it can be played on your phone even watching something else on the TV.

  • Record & download on HDD available remotely

    Record & download on HDD available remotely directly from the control page

  • Scheduled record

    or from EPG.

Watch & Share

Program start notifications
Second screen availability notifications
Smooth swap between TV and mobile screens
Direct access to Replay and Start-over functions
Pay per View accessible in one click
Classic social media interaction: likes, comments, shares

  • Second screen availability notifications

    The application will automatically notify the user that an application could be played at the same time of the content.

  • Program start notifications

    Bookmark will be automatically notified to the user.

  • Direct access to Replay and Start-over functions

    When start-over is available the bitmap will be white. In one click it can be launched.

  • Classic social media interaction: likes, comments, shares

    From the remote control page, the user can share or access to social network to like or comment.


Simplified STB management menu
Second screen  STB setup help
Local and remote quality checks
Channel list management: favourites, blocked and parental control

  • Simplified STB management menu, such as...

    All settings immediately available, much more simple than previous remote control.

  • Video format

    Video format is changed in one click

  • Second screen STB setup help

    Installation becomes very simple, channel list can be installed or update automatically from the server.

    Antenna installation can be easily done with app’s support.

  • Local and remote quality checks

    User can easily check if its STB works fine and contact the customer service for replacement if any problem.

  • Channel list management...

    Direct access to the channel, in one click. Channel list can be easily managed.

  • ... favourites, blocked and parental control

    Easy channel list management by selecting favorites or block channels


Direct in-app communications with subscribers:
– Content promotions
– Billing info and issues
– Targeted advertising

  • Content promotions in start-up screen

    Use the start-up screen to inform your subscribers about new offer.

  • Communicate in home page

    Home Page can be used to promote new content.

  • Message can be sent

    Use messaging to communicate to your subscribers.

  • Targeted ads

    Offer new Ads platform by synchronising TV Ads and notification on the phone

Next-gen additional features

Check out ONTV all the other advanced functionalities that ONTV offers and the next ones we are already working on:

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