Integrated App Back-End

Integrated App Back-End

The application management back-end provides an advanced content management system that allows dynamic playlists of videos pulled from multiple sources. It enables rich metadata creation to build unprecedented bridges between the whole mobile ecosystem and the TV content you offer.

The back-end also includes in-depth analytics from the universal application allowing better subscribers’ segmentation, consumption habits understanding and in-app journeys optimisation, all at a granular level. They provide crucial insights to continually improve the TV experience and create new revenue stream opportunities.

Fully managed and modular application back-end

The application is fully managed by the advanced back-end, thought to easily integrate the existing operators’ environment and partners. It also enables regular updates and new feature implementations to optimise future evolutions.

A fully managed app split into 4 main modules:

Each module is available independently and can also be replaced by third-party solutions.
To get powerful analytics, it is recommended to use at AppKIt, ContentKIt and UserKit.
The graph below provides the details of the functionalities of each module.

AppKit - Application manager

• Remotely controls and updates automatically the application.
• Enables to dynamically implement new features on the go with no app update required.

ContentKit - CMS

• Manages complex content groups such as series, channel bundles, dynamic playlists, ads, news, etc…

ContentKit - Metadata data management

• Manage advanced metadata systems and create new data and metadata on the go.

ContentKit - Content platforms

• Aggregate and manage multiple video platforms and suppliers.

UserKit - Identity Manager, Data storage, Profiling

• Keep track of all subscribers data and settings.
• Filter out data to create valuable segments and profiles.
• Remain GDPR compliant.

UserKit - Behaviours, Engagement, Promotions

• Track individual journeys and profiles for a better segmentation
• Improve engagement with personalised content recommendations.
• Create relevant promotions to inspire your subscribers.

UserKit - Analytics

Tools for analysing more in details customers usages – Follow the evolutions based on customer experience.
Customer Analytics
• Overall analytics – understand how your the service performs, what content is popular and which genre work best on an overall basis

UserKit - Notification Management

• Advanced solution for notifications management
• Messages

UserKit - Ads engines and targeting

• Easily integrate ads engine and ad Networks (Google Ads).
• Target ad display based on multiple criteria: profile, content watched, etc…
• Enable synchronised targeted advertising on second screens.

PayKit - Payment Gateway Integration

• A payment system is available as an option and proprietary solutions can be implemented easily

PayKit - Logs and reports

• Usage, content consumption or payment reports are available to ease invoicing and revenue share

PayKit - Subscription, Payment, Coupon

• Enable multiple payment methods and create new models according to customer profiles and rights

And the last component…

ONTV universal application

ONTVLab also offers a universal application with high standard user experience and regular features update to constantly adapt your offering to new audience requirements.

More info here