Broadcasters without OTT

Broadcasters without OTT services: how ONTV helps broadcasters’ transition?

ONTV is a unique solution that aims to strengthen the broadcasters’ position within the content delivery ecosystem by offering a fully-featured platform at minimal costs and time to market.

What is ONTV?

ONTV provides an end-to-end platform that allows broadcasters to upgrade their offering and include a wider range of features to their subscribers including OTT services. Combining linear and on demand content has never been so easy for broadcasters.

Based on 3 components, a low-cost STB, a remote control transferred into an advanced remote app and a powerful and flexible backend, ONTV provides both a basic zapper for unconnected STBs as well as a fully connected solution with incredible interactivity between the components for a next-gen TV experience.

What spurred the concept?

Innovative SVoD players such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu backed by advanced tech solutions have shifted the way the audience consumes content. Personalised environment, advanced content suggestion, in-depth search and many other craved features are now part of the standard experience. With regular OS updates and new models coming out every year, mobile devices now allow more possibilities and help drive these changes at a quicker pace.

On the broadcaster’s end, despite access to an unrivalled content diversity provided by hundreds of channels, the audience keeps on switching to SVoD services in order to find content to watch. One of the main issues lies in the ability to efficiently find content and it comes as no surprise that zapping between 200+ channels is more than likely not the ideal solution for this matter.

Therefore, how can broadcasters finally take back advantage of their great video quality and the access to editorial rich content as well as leveraging an easier implementation of 4K?

How does ONTV help broadcasters’ transition

ONTV built a solution with the broadcasters in mind and aimed at providing all the tools required to upgrade subscribers’ experience and solve the content discovery problem linked to traditional linear TV.

In three distinct phases, ONTV can transition any broadcasters solution into a fully featured offering that includes OTT, VoD and new revenue streams to both expand subscribers benefits and operators business models.

Offer a state of the art UI with a simple connected zapper

Stripped out of the application layer and thus the heavy and memory
consuming elements, ONTV STB acts like a very simple zapper box. The interface is transferred into the remote application in order to provide a UX much closer to current consumption modes. Check out how ONTV UX can help your subscribers find content allowing to both increase engagement and retention here.

Develop new business models

Personal usage of the remote app creates opportunities for targeted and synchronised advertising on the second screen, referenced products, in-depth granular analytics for media groups and many more…
With more leeway on revenue streams also comes the flexibility to rethink relationships with content providers and create new business models that accommodate both sides of the table.

Expand offering to OTT and VoD

Provide replay TV and VoD, aggregate video content and expand your business analytics regarding your content all in one single UX in the remote app. Optimise your bandwidth and smoothly move channels between broadcast and OTT according to your requirements.

Why is ONTV a no brainer?


Moving the intelligence from the STB to the remote app, ONTV created the most agile solution on the market. From regular feature updates all the way down to bundling features into subscriptions, your offer always adapts to customers’ requirements. Smoothly transition and expand your offer and let it evolve effortlessly with new market trends.


Granular analytics regarding content consumption, user journeys and profiles will provide broadcasters with invaluable insights about their subscribers behaviours and help them get a clear view on usage and potential improvements of their offering.


ONTV is a proprietary solution built on trusted hardware chain. Its simplified software architecture drastically reduces the surface for attacks. It is by essence a secured platform, more hermetic to external threats than any open source solution.

Time to market

Thanks to off-the-shelf features, a turnkey app and a simplified middleware build, ONTV provides a ready-to-deploy solution drastically reducing time to market down to 6 months. Quality assurance (QA) and key pre-certifications are included.

In Summary

By involving the smartphone into the consumption journey, ONTV not only provides much simpler tools for customers to find and watch content, it also creates a major stepping stone for broadcasters to expand the audio-visual experience in a more interactive way. Thanks to the second screen, new services around the content can easily be implemented to offer a whole new dimension when watching TV.

In addition to improving their customers experience, operators get access to in depth granular analytics enabled by the individual usage of the remote app. TV content suggestion becomes more accurate and a better segmentation is available to increase customers’ behaviour understanding.

The final benefit for broadcasters then lies in the ease of access to the solution. Moving the intelligence away from the STB allows to drastically decrease the cost of production making it one of the cheapest boxes available. The time to market is also significantly reduced and thus offers operators an efficient solution in all aspects.

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