Simplified Middleware

Simplified middleware

Stripped out of the application layer and thus the heavy and memory consuming elements, the middleware still offers an immersive experience with access to Live, VOD, Replay and every advanced feature when connected to the ONTV universal app. This solution thus guarantees the lowest memory footprint hybrid STB on the market as it only handles the A/V decoding and the security features.

A basic zapper mode is also available when the STB is linked to a classic remote control which allows you to offer a wide range of options to your subscribers.

Technical details

Software architecture

The middleware takes care of 3 key elements:
• Security – Conditional Access System & DRM
• Video player: A/V player for broadcast, broadband or HDD
• Network: ensures the connection with the Wifi router.

The memory consuming layers, such as the browser or the dynamic user interface are removed from the middleware, drastically reducing the memory footprint.

• A limited application layer is maintained in the STB when user use normal RCU for non-connected mode. In that case, STB is limited to basic and PVR features.

• A secured abstraction layer has been developed to be connected to the ONTV application. This abstraction layer allows an easy connection and navigation in the STB functionalities and services.

SDK – the technology behind the remote application

More than an API, it is a full integration of the application of the set top box. This technology will liberate the TV screen from the User Interface, leaving the main screen dedicated to the video.

  • ONTV universal OTT app remote control
  • App's ON SDK, the "Remote app"

    App SDK is integrated in the App. It includes the API for the STB management and the remote app functions.
    It can be integrated in any application.

  • A secured connection

    STB is automatically identified on the Network and can be selected by the user.

    The connection with the STB is secured by advanced mechanism.

  • Control all STB's settings

    All settings of the STB can be managed by the Remote Application SDK.

  • Control of STB

    The control of the player function.
    And much more…

A secured solution

Simplicity leads to security

ONTV’s simplified software architecture offers a streaming feature without the need for a web browser within the STB
and with restricted applications.

As a proprietary solution, it is built on a trusted hardware chain and trusted execution environment (TEE) which coupled with fewer application layers offers a much lower surface for attacks keeping malware, spyware or virus threats at bay. ONTV also benefits from close partnerships with CA and DRM vendors to offer new watermarking solutions, essential for operators looking to eliminate piracy.

ONTV is thus a secure platform by essence making it an incredibly reliable alternative to open platform solutions.

Technical configurations

Operating Systems

Exist in 3 operating systems:
• Ecos
• Ucos
• Linux

Integrated chipset

• Montage Symphony 1, 2 & 4
• Mstar K5

• Mstar K7
• Hisilicon – 2020

• Amlogic 2020
• Other on demand

CA integration & DRM

• Viaccess-Orca ACS 6.X
• Irdeto MSR 2.2.1, MSR 3.2.4
• Verimatrix on demand
• Nagra on demand
• Cryptoguard on demand

• Playready
• Widewine

Memory Foot print

HD – HEVC Ecos 
• NOR Flash 8MB,
• DDR 256MB (with DRM)
• DDR 128MB (w/o DRM)

HD – HEVC Linux
• NOR Flash 8MB,
• NAND : 256MB,
• DDR : 512MB (with DRM)

4K – coming soon

Advanced Wifi solution

Depending on the Wifi solution selected, the STB could offer WPS and wakeup in wireless to reduce consumption in standby mode. 2 solutions have been integrated.

• Mediatek
• Montage


• Broadcast : DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T2
• Broadband : IPTV, OTT

About the other product components…

Integrated application Back-end
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ONTV universal application
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