Enhanced TV experience

Enhanced TV and second-screens interactions have been industry fascinations for years as even long-experienced players have struggled to implement a reliable solution for end users. After patient research and thanks to an innovative approach to the challenge, ONTV comes up with a cutting edge solution that smoothly involves smartphones into the content consumption journey. From developing relevant triggers for adoption to creating symbiotic interactivity between the screens, ONTV finally provides the ultimate enhanced TV experience.

Social media interactions

From basic direct links to TV programs social media pages all the way down to real-time audience reactions during live TV shows, ONTV creates a native interactivity between the audience and the TV content within the app. Not only does that increases content visibility and discovery through social media channels, it also helps with your owned content performance on these platforms to optimise your campaigns.

Targeted ads on second screens

Enable a whole new level of TV advertising that creates deep interactions with targeted customers**. Involving the second screen into the experience not only creates another dimension for the content displayed on the TV set, it also allows to accurately adapt the advert to the right audience. From a completely passive experience, adverts become much more interactive and finally provide relevant analytics for advertisers.

Expand your revenue streams by creating clear added value for all parties.

Affiliate links to e-commerce platforms

The value hidden in the links between products displayed in a piece of content and the e-commerce platforms selling them is a secret to no one nowadays. The technical ability and the optimised workflows were the real challenges that ONTV brilliantly managed to overcome. Finally make sure that you benefit from exposing the audience to the products they are craving for and build strong monetised bounds with the relevant e-commerce platforms.

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